David Rhoden

New Orleans

I sang to a cat named Tamayo. We were housesitting on my first visit to New Orleans.

I played an open mic at Checkpoint Charlie. This was my first visit to New Orleans.

I saw a musical group called Squab Teen. It wasn't my kind of music but I found the show memorable.

I painted a figure study.

I saw ZZ Top. I learned about my new boss as well.

Betty got on my shoulder. Date very approximate.

Stacks played Ernie K-Doe's Mother-In-Law Lounge With Final Solutions. Except...I'm not sure this show really happened.

I had a bachelor party. I guess it was lame except that I had fun.

Ernie K-Doe sang at my wedding. He did a couple of numbers with the band.

We got the strangest wedding present. If you can't tell, it's supposed to be a pelican.

I saw Betty Wright at Jazz Fest and got blown away. I'm writing this on May 11, 2020, having just heard the news that Betty Wright has passed at the age of 66. I saw Betty Wright at Jazz Fest on May 7, 2000. It was one of the best shows I ever saw.

Dirty Knives played our first show at Mermaid Lounge. We opened for The Bruisers and The Bullies.

Dirty Knives played a house party near UNO. We opened for The Bruisers and The Bullies.

Dirty Knives played Checkpoint Charlie's with Dinteen.

Dirty Knives played Tipitina's with The Forty Fives. We recorded the show.

Sleepy Heads played Mermaid Lounge with Zoom. I tried out for Zoom at one point, it didn't go well.

Dirty Knives played with Rock*A*Teens at Tipitina's, I think. I honestly don't recall playing Tip's twice but I guess we did.

Dirty Knives played Rock n Bock with Lowerline. We got to this lonely place and Dan said "This is like being on tour in North Dakota."

Dirty Knives played Mermaid Lounge with Westbury Squares and Astroblast.

Hi-Balls played the Strathmore Ballroom.

I interviewed for the job of running the Offbeat magazine web site. It was one of the least worthwhile job interviews I've been on.

Dirty Knives played the Mermaid with Fireballs of Freedom.

Dirty Knives played the Mermaid with the Quaalords.

Attended Ernie K-Doe's funeral.

Dirty Knives played El Matador with Sugar Tank. At the end of our set Trey hopped down the little steps at the side of the stage, smashing them to bits.

Dirty Knives played Checkpoint Charlie's. I hurt myself a little goofing off on their stage fence.

Dirty Knives played Dixie Taverne. The cops took all the money.

Sleepy Heads first show at Circle Bar.

Dirty Knives played Mermaid Lounge with Hip Replacements and 66 Goat. I think both 66 Goat and Hip Replacements were power duos.

Sleepy Heads played a birthday party at Mermaid Lounge.

Dirty Knives played Checkpoint's with The Wednesdays.

Sleepy Heads played El Matador with Hip Replacements. I do remember this show happening. I have no evidence that it did though.

Dirty Knives played at El Matador with Fontanelles UK.

Dirty Knives played at Mermaid Lounge with Finishing School.

Sleepy Heads played Circle Bar.

Dirty Knives played Mermaid Lounge with Immortal Lee County Killers. Immortal Lee County Killers' drummer J.R.R. Tokin' used his floor tom strictly as a coffee table.

Sleepy Heads played the Circle Bar.

Sleepy Heads played the Mermaid Lounge.

Sleepy Heads played El Matador with Supagroup.

Sleepy Heads played New Year's Eve at Circle Bar. This turned out to be our final show.

The Sleepyheads played at Mermaid Lounge.

The Sleepyheads played another show at Circle Bar.

Dirty Knives played Strathmore Ballroom.

Dirty Knives played Dixie Taverne again. The venue was un-airconditioned.

All-Night Movers played at Jeff Pounds' house. Jeff made crawfish etouffée.

All-Night Movers played a show at Sara Essex's studio. It was downtown on Carondelet Street.

All-Night Movers played El Matador with Zoom. I broke too many guitar strings.

All-Night Movers played to a crowded house at the Circle Bar. This is probably the apotheosis of my New Orleans social life, back when I had one.

All-Night Movers played at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery on Carondelet Street. It was insanely loud inside, so we took the show out to the sidewalk.

I got interviewed by Bunny Matthews for Offbeat. I don't think the managing editor was too thrilled.

Red Hot. We start a ritual regarding a sign in Laurel, Mississippi.

All-Night Movers played at El Matador with Mondo Topless. We went out for fried chicken after.

All-Night Movers played Circle Bar. I jumped on a patron who somehow fell asleep. Everybody said the guy was some sort of mafioso and I should expect retribution.

Dirty Knives played our last show at Mermaid Lounge with The Forty Fives. We had a new drummer but the change didn't do what we wanted it to.

All-Night Movers played the Circle Bar in Santa hats, in January. Looks like we had some festive and timely headwear.

All-Night Movers played at Jeff Pounds' house again. It was Jeff's birthday I think.

Saw Charm City Brokers at d.b.a. I guess I went, it's in my date book.

Saw VLADRM and Fontanelles at El Matador. I feel like there was another band called Golden Showers on the bill but I dunno.

All-Night Movers played at El Matador with Demolition Doll Rods. Dan Kroha (ex-Gories!) had a nifty "diddley-bow". I had forgotten we played on this show.

All-Night Movers played the Hi-Ho Lounge with the Bangs and Original 3. The Bangs had a song called "Dirty Knives".

All-Night Movers played the Hi-Ho Lounge with the Ka-Nives. The Ka-Nives said New Orleans shows were stiff and nobody came. This time they were right.

All-Night Movers played at Mermaid Lounge with Thee Shams and Cary Hudson. I definitely remember the show.

All-Night Movers played at El Matador with Scott Carpenter and the Real McCoys. These were our friends from Buffalo.

All-Night Movers played El Matador with The Detonations. I went walking around Decatur Street before the show.

Stacks played One-Eyed Jacks with Doctor-a-Go-Go and Pocket Foxx. Got out my black and green inks.

Stacks played a reunion show at the Circle Bar. I don't remember why we called it a reunion.

Stacks played at the compound on Rendon Street. Was this a Hallowe'en show?

All-Night Movers played at Dixie Taverne with Preacher's Kids and Original 3. I was just a huge fan of Preacher's Kids. Wish I could have been in the band.

All-Night Movers played the Hi-Ho Lounge with Dex Romweber Duo. A huge handful of people came.

Stacks played the Mermaid Lounge. I don't remember it, somebody remind me.

I went to Gretna Fest and saw two favorite acts on the same day. It was as if they designed this show specifically for me.

I had an art show with Mimi at Circle Bar. Back when the Mod Dance Party needed some support, I guess.

Stacks played New Year's Eve at Ernie K-Doe's Mother-In-Law Lounge. I think this was the first of three New Yearses we played there.

Stacks played New Year's Eve at Ernie K-Doe's Mother-In-Law Lounge with Lottie Collins, Ka-Nives, and Jimmy and The Wolfpack. We had nothing to hold the kick drum in place so for a while I sat in front of it.

MAXIMVS! played a Mardi Gras type party at Trey's house. Actually our first show.

MAXIMVS! played our first show at the Big Top. I said I would only be in the band if I could play drums. The thing is, I didn't know how to play drums.

I saw Andre Williams on Valentine's Day. Had to be at Circle Bar or One Eyed Jack's.

We built columns for MAXIMVS! We thought we really needed these.

MAXIMVS! played at the Big Top again after the Muses parade. Less than a week after our first show.

The Stacks played the Big Top on Lundi Gras. I wonder if it was actually MAXIMVS! that played this gig, though.

MAXIMVS! walked around and played all over on Mardi Gras day. We stopped at Buffa's and played a short set, uninvited.

The Stacks played the Big Top, I think for the first time.

I started taking Lexapro. They said it would take two weeks to work. It took one week.

I saw The Fuse and The Ponys at Circle Bar. I liked the Ponys until I got thoroughly sick of the singer's voice.

I saw Cousin Vickie at the Art Brat party. Cousin Vickie later played keyboards in The Stacks.

Stacks played Lounge Lizards with The Sophisticats, I made a special flyer. The paper color was really important.

i did the cover illustration for Where Y'At magazine. It's a magazine that covers events and listings in new Orleans.

The Stacks rehearsed at Eli's place and took photos on the roof.

Stacks played the Circle Bar again.

MAXIMVS! played the Circle Bar. Not sure who took all these.

Stacks played Dragon's Den with Bipolaroid and Ratty Scurvics. The venue gives me the willies but it was a fun show.

Stacks played Ernie K-Doe's Mother-In-Law Lounge with Whiskeyfoot. A summer saturday.

MAXIMVS! played the Circle Bar without our actual guitar player. Thanks, anonymous photographer.

The Stacks played a party. It turned into a struggle. The gig itself wasn't remarkable but the aftermath was.

The Stacks played Lounge Lizards with Ka-Nives and Spinns. There have to be pictures from this.

Free like the wind sketch. I enjoyed that date stamp.

The Stacks played the Circle Bar on a really hot night.

The Stacks played at Dr. Cliff Davis's garage. I think this was the first time playing the garage.

The Stacks played a happy hour show at the Mermaid Lounge with Black Bonnets. Black Bonnets had Andrew Donaldson, who'd later join the Stacks.

The Stacks played Lounge Lizards with The Sutures. I'm sorry, I don't remember The Sutures at all.

The Stacks played the Bridge Lounge. I remember having incredible suicidal/elated mood swings on this day.

The Stacks played another happy hour show at the Mermaid Lounge. I guess we tried the Happy Hour thing again.

Stacks played the Circle Bar.

Stacks played the Circle Bar, another Friday.

The Stacks played the Big Top with This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb, Dinteen, and Narcissy. We looked good in front of those velvet curtains.

The Stacks played the Big Top again. What happened to the velvet curtains?

The Stacks played Cafe Istanbul after The Goodnight Show. It probably wasn't a great idea.

The Stacks played Lounge Lizards with Paradise Vendors. Paradise Vendors weren't like any other band in town, good stuff.

The Stacks played Balcony Bar with Zydepunks and Narcissy for St. Patrick's Day. We tore it up at this show to a well-oiled crowd. I also saw something remarkable on the way to the gig.

Stacks played Ernie K-Doe's Mother-In-Law Lounge with the Interlopers. Interlopers had a good new record about to come out.

The Stacks played at The Big Top with Jeremy Lyons and The Deltabilly Boys. Jeremy Lyons was really busy in New Orleans until one day he was just gone.

The Stacks played at Dr. Cliff Davis's garage again. The second of a couple of excellent garage shows.

Jimmy and The Wolfpack played Circle Bar. First Wednesday of a four-Wednesday residence.

Stacks played the Circle Bar and took pictures. Thanks, anonymous photographer.

I met Gina Phillips at a party at the Truck Farm. We met under amusing circumstances.

Saw Gina Phillips and her band at the Big Top. I remember really liking her harmonica playing.

Stacks played at B.J.'s Lounge.

I worked at a law firm with miserable people. It was miserable. I made it a little bit fun though.

Mardi Gras 2006 non-costume. This picture really expresses how I felt at the time.

I visited my mom and took this picture of Betty. She was a great poser.

I painted these four luchador heads while I was in New Orleans.

Headless Hookers played at The Saint. I stayed up all night to catch a morning plane.

We went to Jacques-Imo's for Melanie's birthday.

Stacks played the Saturn Bar, without any rehearsal. I think it was the Stacks. It was probably a sort of Stacks/Wolfpack hybrid.

Walked on the levee with Rosa. I wonder about the date on this though.

Watch your language or else I will. If you want to start the game with ANUS, you better hope I don't have MOTIF.

Sally did a facepalm. 4e loved this elevated front porch.

I saw Sebadoh at One Eyed Jack's. I went with Dan. They were good.

I saw Chef Menteur at the House of Misconduct.

I had a nice office on Orchid Street. I just gave the drawing board away, eventually.

Sally played on a boat. She made a good cap'n.

Stacks played at Allways Lounge with The Parishioners. Fun club to play.

Sally relaxed.

Sally on the porch at Orchid Street. This was a fantastic porch for man and cat alike.

Stacks played at Allways Lounge with Redondo Beat. Attendance was sparse.

I hung around the compound during Hurricane Isaac. My power was out for days.

Riding bikes before Hurricane Gustav. Riding bikes in fifty mile per hour winds.

The Stacks played at the Big Top another time. We went on real late if I recall.

Stacks played the Saturn Bar October 5. I drew a luchador.

The Stacks played the Saturn Bar.

Stacks at Siberia with Happy Talk and a play. a very quickly drawn flyer

Saw Jon Spencer Blues Explosion at One Eyed Jack's. Good show. Mike Edison was in town.

The Stacks played Allways Lounge on Lundi Gras with M.C. Sweet Tea. Paul Caporino from M.O.T.O. was on this bill as well?

Stacks played at Allways Lounge with Lynn Drury Band. Another birthday show for me.

The Stacks played the 8th Annual Chazfest. The Stacks played the 8th Annual Chazfest, in the yard of what was known as the Truck Farm, on St. Claude Avenue.

Fixed up an old beater bike. I bought this beater for $20 at a yard sale.

Went to a crawfish boil at the Bomb Factory. She made this in 1993.

Sally lived with me on Orchid Street. She was happy here, with lots to climb on and catch.

Driver needs kidney. Seen and photographed in Bywater.

Sally made friends with a three-legged cat neighbor. He lived downstairs, and his name was Angus.

The Stacks played the Saturn Bar, with Mystery Girl, I think? Was this the show with Mystery Girl?

Painted a luchador.

I admired a unique automobile. A car I saw while walking around the business end of New Orleans.

Painted "Slow Your Roll".

I sang two songs on The Goodnight Show. Thanks to Steve Walkup and The Goodnight Show Orchestra.

Stacks played at Circle Bar.

Stacks played Siberia with Settly. Good show for us.

Stacks played the Saturn Bar on Valentines Day. I made a gaudy online flyer.

I photographed an old sign in New Orleans. I can't get enough of rusty old signs.

Gravestones in the cemetery on Spruce Street. Not quite like Holt Cemetery, but sort of.

We had a benefit for Lauren's dog Rose. The Stacks played.

I sold this orange squiggle. Looks nice on this fence, though.

The Stacks played the Hi-Ho Lounge with Lauren Oglesby and Laugh In the Dark. Lauren Oglesby brought all the people.

I got to be in the 'tit Rex parade. I made some miniature throws. I thought they had to be Roman-themed.

Stacks played at Siberia with Scott H. Biram. Pretty fun show. Austin Lucas was bossy.

I went to Banks Street Bar with Barbara, Trey, and Becca. Nothing indicated this would be a remarkable date at the time.

I painted this blue luchador.

New picks are here. I got an endorsement deal.

I bought my truck, Goldie. A 1999 Ford Ranger.

Welcome to Hempstead. Lynn Smith rode with me from Austin to New Orleans.

The Stacks played the Saturn Bar on this date, I think.

Sally yawned. Lovely dentition.

Bev and Pete took me to the Superdome. The Saints beat the Giants 52-49.

I painted this yellow squiggle.

Clark Street flooded. My neighbor came in the house to wake me up and tell me.

I took a picture of Gina holding her dog Daisy.

Sally got in the weeds. This yard was hard to control.

I had a good shed on Clark Street. I actually lived like this.

I took pictures of my shed at 321 Clark Street in the rain. Nice place to work. Too bad it flooded so much.

Sally enjoyed an AC/DC record. Actually I think she's enjoying the sunbeam.

Saw Huey Lewis and The News at Gretna Fest. All Access, baby.

Sketched Daisy, sitting on the couch with me. Daisy is a skinny little pit bull Gina found on the levee.

A gloomy shot from my backyard. Captured my mood exactly.

The Stacks played Sister Street Stage for the first time, before we named it that. It was cold and the people that were there stayed around the fire.

Sally keeps watch at 321 Clark Street. I liked living here until I got the light bill.

I costumed for Mardi Gras 2018. I forgot to try hard.

We had a little pickin' party. For my birthday we had a campfire and a pickin party.

Saw a cruise liner in my backyard. Pretty common view when the river is high.

Holy Cross Neighborhood Association. This Holy Cross Neighborhood Association t-shirt has had a long run.

I lived at 315 Tricou Street in New Orleans. I moved to the Ninth Ward. Most of my pictures from this time are out of focus.

Went with Gina up on the levee. Just silhouettes, but you can tell who it is.

Gina made a little bonfire.

Gina's work tent failed in a storm. Gina has this wedding tent to work under but maybe it wasn't meant to stay up in real bad weather.

Black racer on the fence. A very long, very fast, dark gray snake.

Sally stretched on the bed. Just looking at this picture reminds me how high my utility bills for this house were.

I showed some paintings at Treasure Tattoo. Nice place to show work.

I painted some rings. The fluorescent paint? Very expensive.

The Stacks played at Gasa Gasa. Great show. Really loud.

I found some marbles in my firepit. I wonder if these are from the '20s or the '90s.

Sally investigated zinnias from our garden. Gina asked me to plant these.

The Stacks played Siberia. Here's the recording from that show.

The Stacks played the Circle Bar. link to (excellent) Bandcamp recording in post

Stacks played at Siberia with Rubber Maids and Egg Yolk Jubilee. I made an animation to advertise the show.

I started working at Online Optimism. I was about twice as old as all the other kids there.

Took a picture of a mosaic on the ground in the Garden District. Seen on the sidewalk in front of a mansion on Jackson Avenue.

I attended Mardi Gras 2019, probably my last. This was probably my last Mardi Gras.

Funnin' around with Gina.

Had a happy bonfire at Gina's. Sorry if there are too many pictures of fires with no people on here.

I went to open mic night at Old Arabi Bar. I usually go with Andrew but I think I was on my own this time.

I saw this anti-Trump truck in New Orleans. Tailgate as billboard.

I animated a sasquatch. I built a kind of a rig to put a camera above my work table.

I made an animation rig. I haven't used it enough.

Saw a speckled king snake in the road. Harmless, as long as you don't pick it up.

I found a snazzy nest. Found out front under the cypress trees.

Sally caught up on reading. Those white socks.

Bus. This took forever to paint.

Did some sketching. Yuh huh.

Went to Kukhnya with Gina, Trey, and Becca. A night out with Trey and Becca.

Sally slept on the desk, as usual. We were so happy then.

Found this offering on the levee. An offering on the mississippi River levee in Holy Cross, New Orleans.

Went to this throwback diner in New Orleans. I stopped in the Please-U Diner on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans.

I took a picture of a sign. This was a kind of sign you could still see in downtown New Orleans in 2014.

A walk by the Mississippi in December. Took a walk with Gina and P.J. to the riverbank. I guess the water was very low.

Buddy making biscuits. Doing what he does best, or at least does most.

I played bass with Fore Day Creep at the Circle Bar. Last time playing that bass on stage, it turns out

I made a pizza with brussels sprouts on it.

The Stacks played the Circle Bar with Chef Menteur and Good Sugar. This was Court Batson's first appearance with Chef Menteur.

Morning fog on the Industrial Canal. Gina and Daisy and I took a walk.

The last picture of Sally. I miss her so much.

This is in the warehouse across the street from me. It's spooky in there even when you're alone because the wind blows the loose corrugated metal around.

We had a backyard bonfire. We do a lot of these.

Saw Tyler Keith and Redondo Beat at Santos, our last show before the pandemic.

Here's a picture of the inside of my house in New Orleans. I seem not to change much in how I live.

We had a bonfire for Gina's birthday. We burned up a stinky knifeblock.

Buddy offered a headbutt. He's quite serious about it.

I got robbed, probably by some shady women. they were living in a U-Haul van in front of the house; hindsight says I should have been more suspicious.

I made some half-sour pickles. Look out, Mr. Heinz!

Cats on a car on Douglass Street, Lower Ninth Ward. This wouldn't be remarkable except when I see these cats I always look for Sally.

I grew a beard for the first time in my life. Last time I got close was when I was laid up in the hospital in college.

Hot legs Buddy. He's an enormous cat.

Buddy getting in a bucket. Ignoring the peligro.

Bonfire. burned up a lot of yard trash.

Buddy interfered with my work.

Stacks recorded in the studio. Our drummer is moving away so we're recording while we can.

Gina looked like a valentine. Pink popsicle time.

Found a levee offering. Seen a few days after the death of George Floyd.

Buddy on the backporch. He's a gentle giant, except that he bites.

Painted a lighter. Inspired by a trip to Birdie's convenience store on Broad.

Got my keyboard fixed. Lewis d'Aubin got it done in an hour.

Gina made some videos about her art.

A mystery is solved My neighbor's odd behavior is explained, but it's more than that.

Buddy and Otter are frenemies. Buddy is very patient, despite being the most food-motivated cat I've known.

I painted a lighter. Several commenters thought it was a golf bag.

I liked this brown truck. Seen in Holy Cross. Gina knows who it belongs to but I don't.

I grew a beard. Report from the hermitage.

Buddy on the desk. Just a good looking animal for your enjoyment.

Found a free organ. Imagine the planning that went into dumping this load in somebody's yard.

Otter in the garden. Otter is the most entitled cat I've ever known, and that's saying a lot.

Sketched my feelings. I doodle while I'm on the phone, a lot (if not always). Sometimes it's my better work.

Nature TV, featuring Hurricane Zeta Gina and I watched the storm come in; it was beautiful.

Buddy and I learned a hard lesson about discipline. In which I teach Buddy a lesson, but you know what? I learned a lesson of my own.

Gina was part of a small show at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery. First art show I'd seen druing the pandemic.

First COVID test. I got exposed.

Gina put on the Holy Cross Music Hang. Gina put on a socially-distanced live music show.

Second COVID test. I got exposed.

Buddy on the porch. Documenting the exciting life of an animal who puts up with me.

Saw a nifty slasher truck at the grocery store. Saw this nifty but off-putting vehicle at Canseco's.

Made an exhaust fan for Buddy. I'm sad to say that this was necessary.

Buddy Long Legs. He's available to model any hosiery you can get him to wear.

Painted a monster. They said the quarantine would be a great time to get work done.

Watched a sunset with a dog. Gina's dog Daisy doesn't have a lot of fur.

Buddy posed for a picture.

I saw an old Datsun driving around New Orleans with Japanese plates.

Gina got me exactly what I wanted for Christmas. She heard me talk about More Zingers From The Hollywood Squares, I didn't know I was dropping a hint.

Gina and I went to the Chalmette Battlefield. I can't believe I'd never been.

Painted a painting called Seriously. Just something I was thinking about.

Animated a clock face. Might also be considered a current self-portrait.

Burned Altima on Alhambra Street. Being at the end of the parish, our street is often used as a garbage dump.

Animated metamorphoses. Started drawing and didn't stop.

Organic form painting, again. A small painting from a long weekend.

Consider the stumpgrinder. I think it's finished.

I finished painting a Rayco stumpgrinder.

Otter's been hanging out on the utility shelf. He treats my house like it's his workplace.

Painted a reporter. A small one, about eleven inches high, the height of GI Joe or Barbie.

Blender practice makes...? I can learn this software a lot faster than my computers can.

I read a Charles Willeford book out loud to Gina.

I painted a football player. Kind of silly but I felt like it.

I animated a face. Made with Procreate.

I realized I hadn't read a lot of the books on my shelves. The first step is admitting you have a problem...

This was the extent of my beard. Just before I shaved it.

Otter came over for a nap on my work table. This cat lives next door but he doesn't know that.

Buddy and Otter stopped fighting for a minute. These two generally torment each other all day.

The debut of Golden Ray. A new band rising from the ashes of the Stacks, who haven't actually burned down.

My neighbor Stoo has some goats. He treats my house like it's his workplace.

Another bonfire in my yard.

I made some shelves. I made these specifically for unread books and charging electronics.

My new band Golden Ray makes its debut. Playing on Gina's stage with George Wilde and Lo Amps.

Buddy found a new place to sleep.

My new band Golden Ray makes its rescheduled debut. Playing on Gina's stage with George Wilde and Lo Amps, only rescheduled.

My new band Golden Ray makes its re-re-scheduled debut. Playing on Gina's stage with George Wilde and Lo Amps, only rescheduled.

Otter napped on my keyboard.

I cut down an old clothesline support and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

Attended Goatstock at a neighbor's house. Stoo Odom was joined by a friend from San Francisco, Allison Lovejoy.

Went to a bonfire in the Lower Ninth Ward with a horse. Our friend is moving away but she had a little bonfire to let people say goodbye. And her horse came.

Saw some of Gina's work from college at the Ogden Museum Of Art. She made this in 1993.

The Stacks released the recordings we did with Andre Marquette. Andre played drums and also engineered the recording.

We took the bachelor out, and Gina found a kitten. It would be a great story if they had happened in the same place.

Stacks played Sidney's Saloon with The Drupes. The Drupes are just great.

Saw Sunrise/Sunset at Portside Lounge. It was part of Creepy Fest.

Buddy and Otter went to the office. I guess they got tired of working remotely and wanted to get back to the office.

I found a shed snake skin in my fire pit. Which probably means there's a snake in my fire pit.

We came home after Hurricane Ida to survey the damage. There wasn't much.

Buddy napped with me. He fell out first.

Gina and I played Mastermind. We remembered most things the same.

I dreamed about looking for a movie to watch. The movies weren't the ones I'm used to.

Buddy tried to help me with my Unimog painting.

I got started on a painting of a Unimog. I took a picture of this wonder truck in Chattanooga last Thanksgiving.

We had a big bonfire to burn up the post-Ida fallen limbs. I wanted a big fire and I got one.

I saw Julie Odell and Alex MacMurray at B.J.'s. I don't know why it took so long for B.J.'s to start putting on shows in the yard.

An average day for Bubba.

Our trash got picked up and we were excited about it. Gina's trash hadn't been picked up since August 25, before Hurricane Ida.

I saw Bipolaroid at Sidney's on a Sunday. Also FR and a band from Brooklyn called TDA.

We had a Monday evening bonfire at my place.

I made a pizza with ricotta and basil. I was out of mozzarella.

I photographed a standing tire in the Holy Cross school parking lot. Saw this lonely tire while biking around.

I lost my leaf.

I put new strings on my guitars. I watched YouTube videos and now I don't know how to put the strings on anymore.

I had a solo bonfire. Still getting rid of Ida debris.

a Stacks show later this month, a reason to watch TV The Lemon Twigs are good on record but what really shines is the live show.

I took a picture of Buddy on the bed.

Gina went to City Hall and sent me a picture of a map.

Gina built a fire. We've had so much stuff to burn.

Buddy turned on the lightbox.

The Stacks played the Saturn Bar with Bad Misters.

I made a new improved animation setup.

Just another bonfire. I don't know why, I just like making a record of these.

The Stacks and Unsound Check at Sidney's Saloon, November 19, 2021

Saw a house fire in the neighborhood, on Caffin Avenue.

Saw Quintron and Miss Pussycat in Arabi. The cops shut it down, it's a peaceful neighborhood.

Golden Ray practiced. Recorded for the sake of an uncaring posterity.

Another look at my place on Tricou Street.

Gina and I visited Holt Cemetery again. It's one of the most interesting places in New Orleans, though I guess you could say that about every graveyard.

We had a Christmas bonfire at Gina's.

We went to the Michael Aaron/Billy Ding Memorial in Bywater. I knew and liked Michael a lot.

I got some dwarf bottlebrush shrubs for Gina. The lady who sold them looked at me like I was too dumb to care for a plant.

finally finished this painting of a Unimog. The more I worked on it the simpler I made it.

Golden Ray played a house party on Magazine Street. We were supposed to play on the front porch but some lady freaked out.

Gina and I played analog Wordle. I had misplaced my phone but it was Wordle time so Gina set me up with the analog version.

I tested negative for COVID. I guess I got the symptoms for othing.

We saw Whiskeybutt.

We had a great return to Mardi Gras. I hurt my foot though, and couldn't really walk the next day.

Went with Gina to see Lonnie Holley at the Music Box Village.

Went with Gina to the Bon Temps and played pool with friends from Florida.

Gina and I visited with Ben and Kathleen. I tried on Kathleen's Mardi Gras mask.

Went for a bike ride with Gina. We went about ten miles.

Buddy brought home a friend to play. I caught and released the friend.

The Stacks and Rabbit Hatch play at Sidney's Saloon. It's a reunion for Rabbit Hatch, who last played in 2005.

I caught Buddy. This big ol' scamp is growing on me.

Stacks played the Saturn Bar on a stormy Spring night.

The Stacks played the Saturn Bar on a rainy Thursday night.

An anole came in the house. Maybe Buddy brought him in. Anyway, he escaped unharmed.

I found a bird's nest partly made of tape. Perfect nest, no egg inside.

I tested positive for COVID.

Buddy slept in the sunlight.

Buddy got in the bass drum.

I walked Daisy and we found an offering of rotting fruit.

I had a late summer fire. Nature decided to come in the house.

I dreamed I saw a sandpiper try to eat a frog, and other things.

A cat slept in my bed. It wasn't my cat.

I painted a typical man.

I hung out with Happy Talk Band and other friends at Pirogue's.

I've been walking two miles a day now for a week.

I kept up my two-mile walks for another day.

The first cold day of the year.

I did a new painting, of a critter saying "Aah". Aah not pictured.

I did a new painting, of a guy saying "Aah". Aah not pictured.