David Rhoden

Gina got me exactly what I wanted for Christmas.

. Day .

A few years ago, my band All-Night Movers played some shows in the New York area and we stayed in Jersey City with our friend Tony Arrieta. I woke up first and was looking for something to read. In a chest full of literature, I found a little paperback called More Zingers From The Hollywood Squares. "Whatever," I reasoned, and started to read.

Minutes later I was gasping for air, holding my sides, trying not to wake the household. The Zingers had gotten to me.

I told Gina about this peculiar morning, many times, I guess. Because this Christmas, there it was, under the tree: More Zingers.

More Zingers From The Hollywood Squares paperback

I love it and I love Gina.

Zinger about Wayne

Daisy, Christmas 2020

Yard bird, Christmas 2020