David Rhoden

The Stacks played a party. It turned into a struggle.

. Day .

Silk-screened poster for Off-White Linen Night

Our friends Ramona and Will were the organizers (as far as I could tell) of this big party that was going to be held in a vacant lot on Magazine Street opposite the "real" White Linen Night that takes place on Julia Street. We did a lot of promotion. I made about a dozen of these wooden fliers (printed on lauan), but we also scanned this image and got it printed on hundreds of stickers by putting it on the unused part of a bus wrap printing. these stickers were quality; I saw them around town for years after.

The show was pretty big. there was a stage and a real PA. Perhaps unfortunately, we had some sound issues that marred the performance. As we left the stage, Trey said in the mic, quite politely, "Sorry about the sound."

The soundman didn't like that. It was his personal PA and he was running it. You might know this guy as the owner of a local breakfast joint. He was incensed that Trey had apologized for the sound, which was in fact going in and out while we played.

He got in Trey's face, and, after some yelling, this purple-faced cardiac case started throwing fists. But Trey stayed calm. He caught the guy's fist in the palm of his hand. Then he caught his other hand. And then he calmly but very firmly pressed down, forcing the man to bend, then crouch, and finally to sit quietly on the ground. Trey wasn't inflicting pain, just force, but it looked sort of like crushing a can, or a spirit.

And that was it. Unfortunately, not the last un-asked-for fisticuffs Trey would get involved in while touring around with me.