David Rhoden

Our trash got picked up and we were excited about it.

. Day .

The Trash finally came!

My trash got picked up last week after a long delay, but Gina's had been sitting out since August 25, pre-Hurricane Ida.

Also notice the cop car coming down the path (that Gina mowed). we've been having a pair or trio of kids attacking people with sticks and rocks on the levee, so they're sending cops up there, just as a presence I guess,

A little bit later we notices a tortoise-shell cat sitting on the Sister Street Stage. "Let's look at it," I said. So we looked at it from twenty yards away and it looked really cute.

"Let's go see if we can pet it," Gina said, so we did that too. The cat did let us pet her, a lot! She had a collar that said her name is "CHESH". We think she lives pretty close by.

Gina Phillips with a cat called Chesh.

David Rhoden with a cat called Chesh.

A cat called Chesh.

We had a bonfire with Gina's young friends in the evening.

Gina Phillips playing with kids, September 25, 2021.

Gina Phillips playing with kids, September 25, 2021.

Kids playing at Gina's bonfire, September 25, 2021.