David Rhoden

I've been walking two miles a day now for a week.

. Day .

I've been taking a walk every day on the levee, a mile out and a mile back, for a week.

The first and second times I did it, it was so hot I drank all my water and still felt like I was going to perish. That second day was really bad, I just fell into bed when I got home and napped for three hours. Also my ears were so sweaty my earbuds wouldn't stay in, and if you touch them, they take it to mean "stop" so you have to cram 'em in your ears then tap them gently to make them "play", then wait to see if you tapped enough. If it doesn't start, and you tap again, you didn't wait long enough. You just hit "stop" again. Start over.

Today was nice and cool, there were dozens of people out there with their dogs.

I need to take better pictures, and I need to get earphones that hang on some how, not these dumb earbuds.

Carnival Valor on the levee

PAC Achernar docked on the levee

I guess this picture is O.K.

sunset on the levee