David Rhoden
David Rhoden

My name is David Rhoden. I'm a painter, an illustrator, an animator, and a designer.

I also do web development* and play a couple of musical instruments.

I currently live in New Orleans, Louisiana.

*I am currently available for freelance web work. Contact me with questions.
(Or just e-mail me at david@davidrhoden.com.)
Organic Form painting by David Rhoden


Mostly signpainter's enamel on shaped plywood, if you're wondering.

design by David Rhoden


I've been published in a bunch of magazines. And, yes, I should do a children's book. (Why, did you write one?)

animation by David Rhoden


When I was more than two thirds of the way through law school, a professor asked the class to go around the room and say our name and our dream job. And for the first time I realized that my dream job is...animator.

design by David Rhoden


Once in a while I get to art direct or design a project. Here's a few of those.

aah guy illustration by David Rhoden


Really more like sketches on the back of an envelope while I'm talking on the phone. Stuff that makes a stop on the scanner before going in the trash can.

David Rhoden playing guitar at All-Night Movers house show, photo by Jeff Pounds

Rock Music

Pictures and recordings of the bands I've been part of. There were several. There's at least one now.

Bottle Cap Boy T-Shirt by David Rhoden

Stuff For Sale

Recent paintings, t-shirts, etc. If it's here you can buy it unless I sold it already. If it's not here, you can at least ask.

website designed and built by David Rhoden

Web Development

O.K., let's discuss. First question: have you considered Squarespace?

I'm available for freelance web development jobs, but unless you have a big database or something, probably what you want is Squarespace.

Big Face painting by David Rhoden


An ongoing project, memorializing the interesting (to me) events of my life or at least the ones I have pictures of. As close as I'm going to get to a memoir.