David Rhoden

Dirty Knives played at Mermaid Lounge with Finishing School.

by David Rhoden. Day .

What I wrote about it at the time on the Dirty Knives website:

"The Finishing School is one of our favorite local bands; if you like the Dirty Knives you will probably like this band. Last time we saw them the guitar player, Josh, played a solo using just the CABLE to his axe.

Good show, maybe some holiday doldrums, cause we played our heads off to maybe fifteen people. The Finishing School drew about forty, but they mostly left before we played. The ones who stayed seemed to like it: Thanks Peter, Erin, and Jeff for making the trip, and of course the usuals: Elise, Jay, Jason, Peggy, and Johnny.

All those names are names I don't hear and go with people I don't see anymore. It's funny I thought to put them on the website then. They're all good folks, we've just gone into hiding as a group, sort of. The usuals aren't regulars anymore.

By the way, I think I taped this show and gave a copy to Finishing School. According to Josh, they hated it so much they broke up.

Dirty Knives and Finishing School Mermaid Lounge flier by Dave Rhoden.



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