David Rhoden

The Stacks played the 8th Annual Chazfest.

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Chazfest postcard flyer, May 1, 2013

The Stacks played the 8th Annual Chazfest, in the yard of what was known as the Truck Farm, on St. Claude Avenue. We opened the show, so it was "crack a PBR and hit the stage at noon". I remember it was supposed to rain but didn't. I got a good compliment. Chazfest was in between the weekends of Jazz Fest, so a lot of "festers" came. This one white-haired guy with Tevas on said, "You guys reminded my of the early Rolling Stones, and I saw them several times!"

Chaz Fest was a fun gig. Fun to play, fun to attend. The ticket price seemed astronomical but it was really fair (regular weekend rock shows would cost $20 if life were fair to musicians). It was tied for the best paying gig I ever played actually. Also, I believe, in all the years they did it, that Chaz Fest never hired a single security person.