David Rhoden

We went to the Michael Aaron/Billy Ding Memorial in Bywater.

by David Rhoden. Day .

Egg Yolk Jubilee by John Thiry

Every year in the middle of February, a bunch of people who knew Michael Aaron and Billy Ding (who both died about ten years a go now) do a big show at both BJ's and Vaughan's. It's nice to remember those guys (Michael for me; I didn't know Billy, sorry) and it's a fun show. This year was no exception.

One of the highlights is the "second line" from BJ's to Vaughan's , a distance of approximately one block.

These photos are by John Thiry, and they're way better than the ones I took. Used by permission.

Happy Talk by John Thiry

Malevitus by John Thiry

Poster by John Thiry

Mermaid by John Thiry



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