David Rhoden

I got robbed, probably by some shady women.

by David Rhoden. Day .

rubber chicken

Two women were living in a U-Haul van across the street from my house, in front of the empty warehouse. My neighbors said they were nice. To be quite honest, I thought they looked cool. Kind of tough blondes. They certainly seemed down on their luck so I didn't bother them. They had a compact car that seemed to have a lot of problems.

One day I came home to find the door open. My TV was gone. Nothing else. I reported it. Then a week later I opened my bass case and realized that had been stolen too. A litle late to report that. I had that bass for twenty years.

The women and their car were also gone. Gina called U-Haul and they said the van had been reported stolen March 6. They left a framed wedding invitation from 1957, a dented gas can, and this rubber chicken. I realized I had never even seen their faces.

I resolve to be less trustful in the future.

The bass was/is a left-handed Fender Jazz, black finish, made in Mexico, serial number MN8000116. It had flat-wound strings with purple trim at the time.



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