David Rhoden

I dreamed I saw a sandpiper try to eat a frog, and other things.

. Day .

Two dreams, dream one: I was in new Orleans (where I really live) and I went to an old bar that was a lot like Hank's Saloon in Brooklyn, to attend a benefit for someone in the music community. I met a nice group of people that included a friendly cop. I sat with them at their table. There were sewing machines on the table. I started decorating one (I put an International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers sticker on the bottom of its base), and the cop made fun of me but I didn't care.

We went outside and I noticed a little sandpiper bopping around near us. We all made a fuss over what a cute bird it was. Then it caught something in its long beak. It tured out to be a frog almost the size of the sandpiper itself. The bird and the frog struggled. The frog got loose and hopped away, then started to fly, with the sandpiper in hot pursuit. The chase was wonderful to watch.

Dream two: I worked in an office, a dimly lit one with gray filing cabinets here and there. The men wore ties, the women had skirts on. The women were all just out of college but very sophisticated.

There was a guitar in a case on one of the filing cabinets. I asked about it and one of the guys laughed and said "I know, it's a girl's guitar! Isn't it ridiculous?" It was established that it was made by Taylor guitars, "the worst guitar maker".
I knew it was wrong, but I unzipped the colorful case to have a look. The guitar was a folding guitar, so the neck fit interestingly in the small case. I took it out and assembled it. The men and women all asked me not to do that, as the guitar's owner would be returning soon. And as she walked in, I played an out out-of-tune E chord and held the guitar up in her face.

She was angry and took the guitar away from me. Everyone went back to work but me. I stood there thinking up and saying lame rationalizations for my garbage behavior while everyone pitied me for my stupidity.