David Rhoden

Gina went to City Hall and sent me a picture of a map.

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Map of Tricou Street and surroundings from 1893.

Gina took this picture of. map of my neighborhood in 1893 while researching lot boundaries for her studio project. Interesting to me, there was a stable out back, and some kind of shed at what's now the end of the driveway. Actually more interesting are the street name changes. I wonder why that happened. Pontalba is now Alhambra Street, and Hancock is St. Maurice.

I looked in the book Frenchmen, Desire, Good Children, a pop history of anecdotes about the naming of New Orleans streets, hoping for an explanation. Alas, the story isn't that interesting:

Page from Frenchmen, Desire, Good Children

Bonus shot of Buddy:

Buddy the cat curled up in bed