David Rhoden

These are the paintings and things I currently have for sale. I take American money or its equivalents; PayPal, Venmo, Bitcoin, stock certificates, pound notes, loose change, personal checks, anything. Contact me if you're interested (there's an easy form at the foot of the page).

Shipping can be arranged. It's not as high as you might think for the smaller pieces but it can be in the hundreds for the big big ones.

Also: My Cotton Bureau store (t-shirts)

And: My Redbubble store (stickers, phone cases, all manner of tchotchkes and what-have-you)


Lighter painting by David Rhoden
Lighter, $150

Many-eyed Monster painting by David Rhoden
Monster. $90

Organic form painting by David Rhoden
Organic Form. $360

Give Me Your Money painting by David Rhoden
Give Me Your Money. $360

Dominante painting by David Rhoden
Dominante. $360

Bus painting by David Rhoden
Bus. $360.

Long Legs painting by David Rhoden
Long Legs. $180.

KISS Guy painting by David Rhoden
'Scuse Me. $180

Keys painting by David Rhoden
Keys. $180

Pink Face painting by David Rhoden
Pink Face. $90

Inhaler on Paper by David Rhoden
Inhaler on Paper. $90

Female Figure on Paper by David Rhoden
Female Figure on Paper. $90

Little People painting by David Rhoden
Little People. $30 each

Blue Suit painting by David Rhoden
Blue suit. $30

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Art For Sale

I build websites and software for clients on a freelance basis. You can see examples and click links to some of my prior work on my portfolio page.

If you're shopping for a website for your business or project, please let me know by filling out the form below. If we're a match in terms of budget and interestingness of the project, let's talk.

You can also use this form to contact me about illustration or animation projects.