David Rhoden

The Stacks played Balcony Bar with Zydepunks and Narcissy for St. Patrick's Day.

. Day .

We played a great show at this but the crowd was wasted by the time we went on (which was about four in the afternoon) and to be honest, so was I. We probably could have kept going, the crowd was into it, we just didn't have the material ready. Wish we had.

One other thing about this show: I had to park several blocks away and roll my amp to the show. While I was doing this Iw as on, like Josephine street, where I saw a young couple f * * * ing on the hood of a car. I'm not mistaken. But I couldn't stop to cheer, I just had to keep rolling my rumbling amp down the rutted road. Best of luck, newlyweds. Hope you still have that spark.