David Rhoden

Golden Ray played a house party on Magazine Street.

. Day .

Golden Ray agreed to play on Brian's friend Greg's front porch again. We did it about a year ago and it was pretty fun, we made about a hundred bucks just sticking a can out on the sidewalk. This time it was even more planned out with a pot of gumbo and a hot grill, but the minute Andrew started to tune up some neighbor said she was going to call the cops if the noise continued.

Andrew pointed out that there was no way the cops would even come, and that if they did they probably wouldn't do anything. I agreed that this was a good point but then again, getting along with Greg's neighbor isn't really our problem.

We ended up playing about a 75% set, though we had to play inside, and really quiet. Not even sure how that was different. It was all right. Nobody called the cops. I try to keep expectations really low when playing these non-gig gigs.

I did manage to smack myself in the face with my own bass guitar and open up a cut on my left eyebrow. Memories.

Golden Ray on Greg's porch March 30, 2021.