David Rhoden

Dirty Knives played Dixie Taverne

by David Rhoden. Day .

Dirty Knives at Dixie Taverne, August 1, 2001

AUGUST 1 2001
Dixie Taverne (New Orleans) with Bright Calm Blue, and To Dream Of Autumn
We only had one new song ("Heading For The Texas Border") which we didn't even write, but since this was a new venue and a new crowd for us, what's the difference? We played really hard and loud - Sara's amp was hot enough to fry a dog's brain. I liked us! The audience was very serious- at one point I whispered "everybody dance" in the mike, like Corky in Waiting for Guffman, and four or five dudes walked out of the room. I saw some devil horns though, and they clapped real loud.

The other bands were "screamo" bands, which is a kind of "emo" which is a kind of musical genre...I'm not really sure what it is. Bright Calm Blue came on and just wiped the floor with us - total volume and chops. the screaming was absolutely unintelligible. I liked it! I can't review the other bands because my ride was leaving.