David Rhoden

Dirty Knives played Rock n Bock with Lowerline.

. Day .

We got to this lonely place and Dan said "This is like being on tour in North Dakota."

It was cold out. It was around Mardi Gras time. We knew nobody who we thought would come to this show, but my neighbor Matt, had booked the show for his band, Lowerline, and he was giving us the opening slot as a favor.

When we got there, Lowerline had already set up. The drummer came over to Dan and said, "Hey, man, sorry, but you have to set up in front of me. I've got everything right where I want it."

Dan looked at the guy's set-up and said "O.K.".

This dude had like ten or more cymbals, several of which where not round. They were stop-sign-shaped. Also about four rack toms, a set of roto-toms, double bass I'm sure, and shit like chimes. You couldn't play this kit without running from place to place, it was so big. Dan set up his four-piece kit (of big Vistalites) in front of Lowerline's set. It looked tiny. It was an amazing and hilarious sight. I'm sad I took no pictures.

It wasn't a great gig for us. I'm not precisely sure of the date. But it happened.