David Rhoden


I liked playing with my toy Texaco station.

I helped make a commercial with Mr. Sulu.

We played Fox and Hounds at Scout meeting and never found the fox.

I was in a band called Dial A Miracle.

I got in a fight outside Pizza Caesar and spent the night in the hospital.

I worked at Taco Casa in Eastgate Mall.

I tried to strangle my roommate while sleepwalking.

I looked at a pedestrian's food for too long.

We attempted to silkscreen the Hi-Balls record sleeve.

Betty came to live with me.

I saw On The Town.

I sang to a cat named Tamayo.

The Innuendos first date recording with Mitro.

I saw ZZ Top.

I saw Betty Wright at Jazz Fest and got blown away.

Dirty Knives played Rock n Bock with Lowerline.

Dirty Knives played the Bayou in Baton Rouge with Rigid and Ouroboros.

Dirty Knives played Tasty World in Athens.

Dirty Knives played Pilot Light in Knoxville.

We went to Dallas for Shannon and Tom's wedding.

All-Night Movers started a Southern tour.

Ka-Nives and All-Night Movers played at Cafe Cottage in Lafayette, Louisiana.

I went to Gretna Fest and saw two favorite acts on the same day.

The Stacks played The Mermaid Lounge with Bamboo Kids.

We built columns for MAXIMVS!

The Stacks played a party. It turned into a struggle.

MAXIMVS! played the Star Bar in Atlanta.

MAXIMVS! played the Cave in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

The Stacks played Sluggo's in Pensacola.

I met Gina Phillips at a party at the Truck Farm.

I worked at a law firm with miserable people.

I went to Union Pool for New Year's and met Hannibal.

Jimmy and The Wolfpack played Black Betty on Al's birthday.

I saw Archie Bell at McCarren Pool.

Jimmy and The Wolfpack played at Lucky Cat on Grand Street.

I got in a fight with Batman on my birthday.

Went to Slade and Amara's wedding, and DJed the reception.

I moved out of 181 Irving Avenue.

I did a man on the street interview for The New York Times about Bill Cosby.

Check out this crazy amp I bought.

A lunch hour disaster was averted.

Goldie's radiator blew up near Poplarville, Mississippi.

I took a picture of a pickle.

Gina and I went to a dog track to watch the Kentucky Derby in Birmingham.

I listened to Before The Next Teardrop Falls.

Technicolor Gina.

Hot legs Buddy.

A mystery is solved

Trey and I went to Riceville, Tennessee, and stopped a couple places on the way.

I lost my leaf.

I got some dwarf bottlebrush shrubs for Gina.