David Rhoden

Jimmy and The Wolfpack played Black Betty on Al's birthday.

by David Rhoden. Day .

exterior of Black Betty, 366 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn

We had set up this weeknight show for Al's birthday. We were wown the street eating (and drinking) at M Shanghai, one of my favorite eating places of my lifetime, but it was getting kinda late so we packed up a lot of the chow to go and headed down the street, eating dumblings on the way.

When we got to the club, we had plenty of time because some wimpy indie band had just showed up and asked to be on the bill. I guess that's one way to book a show. Anyway, we had to wait (and drink) till like eleven o'clock to play.

So when we did play, it was explosive. Here's a recording (this was made by my sometimes bandmate Benny's girlfriend on a little dictation recorder).

Jimmy and The Wolfpack, "Wolfpack On the Loose" plus audio collage, Live at Black Betty, March 21, 2006



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