David Rhoden

I moved out of 181 Irving Avenue.

by David Rhoden. Day .

181 Irving Avenue, emptied out

I loved this apartment but New York was getting too hard for me. I was freelancing but not finding enough work. I had to sell a lot of records to finance my move.

On my last day, I took a walk to knickerbocker Avenue through Maria Hernandez Park. In the middle of the park a lady was giving a Zumba class. A bunch of passers-by in street clothes had joined in. It was a sweet moment.

Then when I was sitting in the empty box of an apartment, a guy opened my door and walked in. He also quickly walked out. I realized the guy, probably a junkie, that I had paid $20 to to help me move had swiped my key from the door and gave or sold it to this guy. I gave my landlord a hundred bucks to change the lock, a ridiculous amount.

181 Irving Avenue, emptied out



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