David Rhoden

The Stacks played The Mermaid Lounge with Bamboo Kids.

. Day .

Bamboo Kids were a rock trio, I'd played with them before in New York. Nice fellas. I drove them down to WTUL to do a radio interview with "Miss Conduct" (Karen Misconsih), a DJ I knew. She asked the singer, Dwight, about influences.

"Well, you know, the good ones," he said. "The Stones, The Stooges."

"Oh, hmm." Karen said, considering this information. "Dave, I've been meaning to ask you, who are your influences?"

I answered immediately: "DAFFY DUCK!"

Now, one thing I should mention is that at least two of the Bamboo Kids are very handsome. I don't think this is debatable. I offered them a place to stay and they pretty much implied that, as rock stars, they would be bedding down at the homes of female fans. And this turned out to be the case for two of them. The third member showed up at my house at like four in the morning looking for a place to sleep. I said OK but you know tomorrow is Wednesday and I'll be out of the house before eight. It was so sad, he practically begged, and in the end I decided our two gigs together was enough of a trust-building exercise that I could let him sleep on the couch and lock up when he left.