David Rhoden

MAXIMVS! played the Cave in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

by David Rhoden. Day .

We showed up for that gig kind of frustrated. The night before in Atlanta at the Star Bar some just-out-of-jail redneck took a swing at Trey, busting his lip. We stopped at a music store in Gaffney S.C. to get me a new hi-hat but I think we found one at an antique store in a gas station further on down the line. Jeff wanted to drive but it became quickly apparent he couldn't drive a stick.

It's a long time from Atlanta to Chapel Hill but we arrived around dinner time. Somebody brought barbecue and they fixed us plates. It was really nice. Trey got talking to a bubbly young woman who was laughing at his material. while they were standing there laughing and enjoying barbecue, she said, "looks like you got a little sauce here" and rubbed his face with her thumb right where the jail guy had busted his lip. It bled profusely, or at least profusely enough to end that particular conversation.

We played the show, it was fine, but I finally blew up at Jeff. I regret it to this day. I was mad at Jeff for several reasons, but I was really mad at my ex-wife. I was taking it out on the closest person, somebody who never signed up for that. I shouldn't have done it and I'm sorry.

The band broke up that night and Jeff said he would take the bus home. We went to different after-show parties. Fortunately we did not leave Jeff there. We did have a quiet ride home.

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Trey Ledford driving MAXIMVS, at last.

MAXIMVS! having fun in the car.

Jeff from MAXIMVS!

MAXIMVS! at The Cave in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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Jeff Pounds of MAXIMVS! in toga.

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