David Rhoden

I was in a band called Dial A Miracle.

. Day .

photo of Dial A Miracle conversing with the Buddha, Sir Goony's Fun Center, Chattanooga, Tennessee, circa 1984.

L to R: David Rhoden, Art Winer, Herbie Wallace, Matt Rhoden.

We had so many problems, the main one being we were so loud nobody wanted to let us rehearse anywhere.

For a while we rehearsed in my garage bedroom. At the time our next-door neighbors were the Rothmans. Mr. Rothman was the cantor at Art's synagogue. The Rothmans had also survived the Nazi concentration camps. That's the context.

One time Cantor Rothman took Art aside. "Arthur, is that your group playing music in the garage next door?" he asked.

Art answered affirmatively.

Cantor Rothman just looked at him sadly and shook his head and said: "So many machines, Arthur; so many machines!"