David Rhoden


I saw Billy Squier at the Roundhouse.

I took the family car and went to see a rock show in Athens though I was underage.

Thanksgiving Punk Fest.

I saw the Black Crowes before they were really the Black Crowes.

I saw The Ramones at Bucknell University.

Saw Bullet Lavolta and Lemonheads at Adams House Dining Hall.

I saw The Ramones at Williams College.

Everything Tool played with Abstracts at Cityside.

Everything Tool played with Across The Yard at China King.

Snake Oil played Gryphons with Swell.

I saw The Ramones again, at the Bijou Theatre.

I saw Magnetic Fields at Brownie's.

rehearsed at Prince Studio, probably with Hi-Balls.

Hi-Balls played Brownie's with MacArthur.

I saw ZZ Top.

Saw Charm City Brokers at d.b.a.

Saw VLADRM and Fontanelles at El Matador.

All-Night Movers played at El Matador with Demolition Doll Rods.

Slade and I flew to New York.

All-Night Movers played 219 Flamingo with The Demands.

All-Night Movers played at Lakeside Lounge.

All-Night Movers played at Hank's Saloon in Brooklyn.

Slade and I flew to New Orleans on Mardi Gras.

I saw Andre Williams on Valentine's Day.

I saw The Fuse and The Ponys at Circle Bar.

I saw Cousin Vickie at the Art Brat party.

I had a show of my paintings at a gallery called Maiden, Brooklyn.

I saw Archie Bell at McCarren Pool.

I saw Ted Leo and Future Of The Left at Webster Hall.

I saw Future Of The Left at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

I saw the Oblivians.

I saw ? and the Mysterians at Great Jones Cafe.

I saw Sebadoh at One Eyed Jack's.

I saw Chef Menteur at the House of Misconduct.

The Stacks played the Saturn Bar, with Mystery Girl, I think?

I saw the Hall Monitors.

I saw Tex Offenders at Carousel Lounge.

I went with Gina to see Cool Ghouls at Poor Boys'.

I went to open mic night at Old Arabi Bar.

I saw Julie Odell and Alex MacMurray at B.J.'s.

I saw Bipolaroid at Sidney's on a Sunday.

I saw St. Lorelei at Siberia.

Did my once-a-year poster design.

The Stacks played with Mercyland in Athens, Georgia.

The Stacks play January 25 at Holy Diver (the old Sidney's Saloon).

I saw the band Omni at Siberia.

Went to see Sunrise:Sunset at Siberia.

Stacks show coming up Saturday April 13.

Notes for April 8, 2024.

Stacks played with Happy Talk at Checkpoint Charlie.

I saw Echo and The Bunnymen at the Joy Theater.