David Rhoden


I saw Billy Squier at the Roundhouse. My first real concert.

I took the family car and went to see a rock show in Athens though I was underage. The Washington Post thought it worthy of mention.

Thanksgiving Punk Fest. Punks and skinheads finally united.

I saw the Black Crowes before they were really the Black Crowes. They were the opening band. They were pretty good.

I saw The Ramones at Bucknell University. I had a great time but I wore some vintage shoes and they hurt.

Saw Bullet Lavolta and Lemonheads at Adams House Dining Hall. Pretty big show to be on the Harvard Campus.

I saw The Ramones at Williams College. I guess I traveled up from Boston?

Everything Tool played with Abstracts at Cityside. This had to be one of my first attempts at setting type on a computer.

Everything Tool played with Across The Yard at China King. Across the Yard were, in fact, the jangliest.

Snake Oil played Gryphons with Swell. Gryphon's was the laundry where we practiced.

I saw Magnetic Fields at Brownie's. The woman on drums was tipsy and giggly. Stephin Merritt looked miserable.

rehearsed at Prince Studio, probably with Hi-Balls. Most of the studios were on 30th Street.

Hi-Balls played Brownie's with MacArthur. I need details.

I saw ZZ Top. I learned about my new boss as well.

Saw Charm City Brokers at d.b.a. I guess I went, it's in my date book.

Saw VLADRM and Fontanelles at El Matador. I feel like there was another band called Golden Showers on the bill but I dunno.

All-Night Movers played at El Matador with Demolition Doll Rods. Dan Kroha (ex-Gories!) had a nifty "diddley-bow". I had forgotten we played on this show.

Slade and I flew to New York. Starting our first and only New York tour.

All-Night Movers played 219 Flamingo with The Demands. I never heard of the club before or since.

All-Night Movers played at Lakeside Lounge. Continuing the tradition of playing on my birthday.

All-Night Movers played at Hank's Saloon in Brooklyn. Very fun show and we recorded it.

Slade and I flew to New Orleans on Mardi Gras. Concluding our first and only New York tour.

I saw Andre Williams on Valentine's Day. Had to be at Circle Bar or One Eyed Jack's.

I saw The Fuse and The Ponys at Circle Bar. I liked the Ponys until I got thoroughly sick of the singer's voice.

I saw Cousin Vickie at the Art Brat party. Cousin Vickie later played keyboards in The Stacks.

I had a show of my paintings at a gallery called Maiden, Brooklyn. This whole event was amazing. I felt so crazed after Katrina but this show made me happy to be in New York.

I saw Archie Bell at McCarren Pool. Great show. He talked to Kool-Aid.

I saw Ted Leo and Future Of The Left at Webster Hall.

I saw Future Of The Left at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Headliners at a big venue.

I saw the Oblivians.

I saw ? and the Mysterians at Great Jones Cafe. Always had fun at that place.

I saw Sebadoh at One Eyed Jack's. I went with Dan. They were good.

I saw Chef Menteur at the House of Misconduct.

The Stacks played the Saturn Bar, with Mystery Girl, I think? Was this the show with Mystery Girl?

I saw the Hall Monitors. Absolutely loved this band as a band and as people.

I saw Tex Offenders at Carousel Lounge. The guitarist was also in my band Mountain' Shoutin'.

I went with Gina to see Cool Ghouls at Poor Boys'. It was a school night but I'm glad I went anyway.

I went to open mic night at Old Arabi Bar. I usually go with Andrew but I think I was on my own this time.

I saw Julie Odell and Alex MacMurray at B.J.'s. I don't know why it took so long for B.J.'s to start putting on shows in the yard.

I saw Bipolaroid at Sidney's on a Sunday. Also FR and a band from Brooklyn called TDA.

Did my once-a-year poster design. I had just one day to do it so, if you find it derivative of my early works, maybe that's why.