David Rhoden

I saw the Black Crowes before they were really the Black Crowes.

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flyer from Mr. Crowe's Garden show

According to legend, this was the first show by the band that would become The Black Crowes. It wasn't legendary, but they were pretty good. Very jangly. At this time I would talk to everybody I met who was in a band, and I talked to them too. They weren't interested in talking to me though. They went to a payphone to call home right after they got off stage. Which is fine.

The headlining band, Yo, had a beautiful dark-haired girl bassist who we followed around. I think we inviterd her and her band to come over to Kip's apartment, which wasn't too far from the Nucleus. She was dating the singer of the band, an older guy, and they got in a nasty fight in their van. I remember being so mad at not being able to do anything about it.

I was also at that Crawl Space show the night before. Not only were they one of the worst bands I have ever seen, they had the woman in their band lie on the ground with her legs in the air and brought in their dog to sniff her crotch while she sang about it. They really built it up like it was going to be something great.