David Rhoden

I saw The Ramones at Williams College.

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This is a hard one to piece together, I needed some help from Wikipedia. I know I saw The Ramones twice, once at Williams, but I thought it was while I was going to school there. Wikipedia tells me the Ramones only played Williamstown once, in 1987, after I left. But I was living on Causeway Street in Boston at that time.

I think that must have been the weekend Dave Walker and I took the bus to Williamstown. I remember drinking whiskey out of waxed paper cups on the bus ride and the wax melting. Also, I was feeling really bad during our visit and felt like I need to go to the infirmary, a place I'd never been to before. I borrowed my buddy CJ's school ID and pretended to be him. I was sure he or I would be in serious trouble but it went without a hitch. I did see a notepad the nurse left on her desk regarding another student (who I didin't know) wanting to get an abortion.

Lansing-Chapman Rink, where I saw The Ramones

The Ramones played in the hockey rink. Sounded horrible.