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Notes for April 8, 2024.

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Hello, Dear Dave Rhoden's Computer Newsletter subscriber! Just a few bits of news:

The Stacks (my band, or a band with me in it) are playing this Saturday, April 13, 2024, at Checkpoint Charlie, with Happy Talk Band. Show at 9 p.m. We play in the French Quarter once a decade or less, so please don't miss it.

The Stacks and Happy Talk at Checkpoint Charlie, April 13, 2024

Also, you can follow The Stacks on Instagram to get these important announcements the moment they happen.

In other Dave Rhoden news, I compiled a little booklet of my karaoke cartoons that you may have already seen on my Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

THey're just drawings of people singing karaoke songs into a home karaoke-type machine. Your job is to I.D. the songs from the quoted excerpts. (There's an answer key on the back cover.)

It's 24 pages, staple-bound. Laser printed on, let's see... 20lb copy paper. Good stuff. It's black-and-white, but so are the originals.

front cover of karaoke booklet by David Rhoden

interior spread of karaoke booklet by David Rhoden

back of karaoke booklet by David Rhoden

I'd love to send you one. If you want one, just email me your mailing address. If you want to get money involved, you can Venmo me an amount not to exceed four dollars at @davidrhoden. (If you're curious, the minimum transaction on Venmo is $0.01. And a "FOREVER" postage stamp costs 68 cents these days, did you know that? I was shocked.)

I've got a few recent paintings to sell as well.
Here's a karaoke-based one (the lyric is from the theme song to Grease).

woman singing theme song to Grease, painted on plywood by David Rhoden
Conventionality Belongs To Yesterday

16" x 24"

enamel on plywood

It's $210, but mention you saw it here and it's $180.

If you're like me and you enjoy paintings of industrial equipment, you'll love hanging this painting of a forklift on your wall.

painting of forklift by David Rhoden


40" x 30"

enamel on plywood

Priced at $360. Mention you saw it here and it's yours for $300.

There are a bunch of other paintings for sale at This Is My Happening, my online "storefront".

Jeeze, what else? I'm sure there's something, but this is plenty.

Please reply to this email with your movie and book suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

Also do me a favor and forward this newsletter to anybody you know who would benefit from it, which is practically everybody. Really spam 'em good.

That's all for this time! Thanks for subscribing,
Sincerely, Dave