David Rhoden


I met Gina Phillips at a party at the Truck Farm.

I went with Gina to see Cool Ghouls at Poor Boys'.

I took a picture of Gina holding her dog Daisy.

Sketched Daisy, sitting on the couch with me.

The Stacks played Sister Street Stage for the first time, before we named it that.

I costumed for Mardi Gras 2018.

Holy Cross Neighborhood Association.

Went with Gina up on the levee.

Gina made a little bonfire.

Gina's work tent failed in a storm.

Gina and I went to a dog track to watch the Kentucky Derby in Birmingham.

Sally investigated zinnias from our garden.

I attended Mardi Gras 2019, probably my last.

Funnin' around with Gina.

Had a happy bonfire at Gina's.

Went to Kukhnya with Gina, Trey, and Becca.

I went to Chattanooga for Thanksgiving.

A walk by the Mississippi in December.

Morning fog on the Industrial Canal.

We had a backyard bonfire.

Saw Tyler Keith and Redondo Beat at Santos, our last show before the pandemic.

We had a bonfire for Gina's birthday.

Gina looked like a valentine.

Gina made some videos about her art.

Goodbye Froggy.

Nature TV, featuring Hurricane Zeta

Gina was part of a small show at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery.

Gina put on the Holy Cross Music Hang.

Watched a sunset with a dog.

Gina got me exactly what I wanted for Christmas.

Gina and I went to the Chalmette Battlefield.

Gina's show, Shape-Memory, officially opened today.

Walked with Gina and Daisy on the canal bank.

My new band Golden Ray makes its rescheduled debut.

My new band Golden Ray makes its re-re-scheduled debut.

Went to a bonfire in the Lower Ninth Ward with a horse.

Saw some of Gina's work from college at the Ogden Museum Of Art.

Found a snazzy nest in Gina's yard.

We took the bachelor out, and Gina found a kitten.

I took pictures of a wig shop on Market Street that looked about the same when I was in high school.

We had a big bonfire to burn up the post-Ida fallen limbs.

Our trash got picked up and we were excited about it.

We had a Monday evening bonfire at my place.

Found some dumped tires, got my labs done, got lunch, and watched a Bengals game at Markey's Bar.

I lost my leaf.

Gina went to City Hall and sent me a picture of a map.

A raccoon tried to crash our bonfire.

Just another bonfire.

Saw Quintron and Miss Pussycat in Arabi.

Gina and I visited Holt Cemetery again.

Gina put up the traditional Christmas bamboo.

We had a Christmas bonfire at Gina's.

Gina gave buddy a cardboard scratcher for Christmas.

Another bonfire at Gina's, with our little friends.

I got some dwarf bottlebrush shrubs for Gina.

Gina and I played analog Wordle.

We saw Whiskeybutt.

We had a great return to Mardi Gras.

Went with Gina to see Lonnie Holley at the Music Box Village.

Went with Gina to the Bon Temps and played pool with friends from Florida.

Gina and I visited with Ben and Kathleen.

Went for a bike ride with Gina.

The Stacks and Rabbit Hatch play at Sidney's Saloon.

I walked Daisy and we found an offering of rotting fruit.

I hung out with Happy Talk Band and other friends at Pirogue's.

I kept up my two-mile walks for another day.