David Rhoden


Halloween 1993. Hallowe'en party, 1993. Dean Street and Bond, Brooklyn.

I co-wrote a book. I also became technically homeless while I was writing it.

We attempted to silkscreen the Hi-Balls record sleeve. We tried making the Hi-Balls 7" with a rudimentary silkscreen apparatus. (A Speedball kit.) It didn't work out.

Betty came to live with me. Let me tell you how I got this cat.

I started dating Sara. I know this from a note in my 1999 datebook.

sara took a bunch of Polaroids at a Hallowe'en party.

The Innuendos first date recording with Mitro. We recorded down in the basement.

The Innuendos second date recording with Mitro. We recorded down in the basement

All-Night Movers played at Hank's Saloon in Brooklyn. Very fun show and we recorded it.

I went to Union Pool for New Year's and met Hannibal.

Jimmy and The Wolfpack played Magnetic Field in Brooklyn.

Jimmy and The Wolfpack played Black Betty on Al's birthday. We had to go on late so some weak indie rock band could play. That was a bad idea on the club's part.

I had a show of my paintings at a gallery called Maiden, Brooklyn. This whole event was amazing. I felt so crazed after Katrina but this show made me happy to be in New York.

I saw Archie Bell at McCarren Pool. Great show. He talked to Kool-Aid.

The Stacks played at the Brooklyn Lyceum for a Katrina benefit. Not sure if we benefited from it, but it was a good time.

Jimmy and the Wolfpack played a Hallowe'en party on Grand Street. Jimmy And the Wolfpack played.

Jimmy and The Wolfpack played another show at 276 Grand Street (I think). I remember so little about this. We ended up getting Korean food, I think.

Jimmy and The Wolfpack played a house party at 276 Grand Street.

Jimmy and The Wolfpack played at Lucky Cat on Grand Street. I'm sure the show was fine, but listen to this other story I have about this place.

Watched the Super Bowl halftime starring Prince. I watched at the house of some acquaintainces I didn't know well.

I played drums with The Headless Hookers at Passout Records. It was hot. I was underdressed.

I got a cat though I didn't mean to. The next morning, she was still there. And the next.

Sally came to live with me. I knew she would be mine, there was never any doubt.

Sally got on my shoulder. I'm liking this young cat.

Sally got a toy. It was fun to watch her concentrate.

Sally stretched on our plywood floor. This was in Bushwick on our gray-painted floors.

Jimmy and The Wolfpack played Don Pedro's.

I painted a yellow man in watercolor. I need to do more watercolor.

Sally got a new collar. Boy did she look sharp.

Jimmy and The Wolfpack played Don Pedro's again.

I had a little barbecue in my Bushwick backyard. I had some people over and I made potato salad.

Sally was a good cat. Cats are basically temperature regulation devices.

I did karaoke in Brooklyn.

Saw the Lost Crusaders somewhere in Brooklyn.

I saw a car fire on Bedford Avenue.

Jimmy and The Wolfpack played Freddy's Back Room with Mike Cobb and The Crevulators.

Sally sat among the roses. Rose poser.

Sally got her school picture taken. Dignity.

Sally spent the day with me at the office. She had a really good attitude.

Jimmy and The Wolfpack played Freddy's Back Room. The venue was a casualty of the construction of the Atlantic Center.

Jimmy and The Wolfpack played at Matchless, Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We played this bar several times.

Sally enjoyed our yard in Bushwick. This is where I first found her and fed her a piece of a hamburger.

I had a great backyard in Bushwick. It got hit by a tornado. It hosted many parties and cookouts.

Jimmy and The Wolfpack played Hank's Saloon.

Headless Hookers played at Zablozki's. It was a bar in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

I played drums for one show with Olaf and The Siberians. I'm not sure about the date on this.

I went for a walk in Bushwick.

We had a bit of a blizzard.

Sally showed off on Orchid Street. She made herself at home, for sure.

I went bowling at The Gutter. Featuring the obligatory bowling posterior shot.

Sally looked sassy on my desk. We had nice light in the Irving Avenue place.

I did a solo morning bike ride to Coney Island. My first experience wtih Texas' blue laws.

Sally prepared for a nap on my printer. She was very photogenic that day, and the light was nice.

Sally stretched in the backyard. Just a little bit before we moved to New Orleans.

I moved out of 181 Irving Avenue. I paid a guy to help me move and he stole my house key.

Sally proved to be a hard worker.

Sally wasn't too jazzed about New Year's Eve.

Jimmy and The Wolfpack played Club Europa with The Banned and Les Sans Culottes.

Technicolor Gina. Pretty typical palette.

I dreamed I went for a walk in my tube socks. I was walking on a slushy Brooklyn Street.