David Rhoden

The Stacks played at the Brooklyn Lyceum for a Katrina benefit.

by David Rhoden. Day .

Saturday, September 16, 2006
The Brooklyn Lyceum
Brooklyn, New York
Fourth Avenue (at Union Street)

This was a big whoop-de-do organized by Three Ring Circus. They got access to the Brooklyn Lyceum, which was like a big gym/armory on Boerum Hill, and they trucked up a lot of art to sell. Maybe even one or two of mine?

We did a big rock show. I wanted too play "the Saints Go Marhin' In" for my first time ever. How hard could it be?

Chan came up to me and said: "It's kinda hard, Road Hog. It's not just a 1-4-5 progression." Pssh! I knew my heart would carry me through.

So we did the song except I damn near ruined it. I think I just took my guitar off and held the mike because as bad as I played it, the rest of the band did OK and the crowd starte a sort of second line mosh pit, moving in a circle on the ballroom floor, waving hankies.

Photo of Stacks (Trey Ledford, David Rhoden, Steve Walkup) from the photobooth at Lakeside Lounge, circa 2006.

I think this picture is from the same trip; might as well put it here.



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