David Rhoden

Trey Ledford

Red Hot.

All-Night Movers played Sound Exchange in Houston with Ka-Nives.

All-Night Movers played Beerland in Austin with Ka-Nives.

All-Night Movers played at Dixie Taverne with Preacher's Kids and Original 3.

MAXIMVS! played our first show at the Big Top.

MAXIMVS! walked around and played all over on Mardi Gras day.

The Stacks rehearsed at Eli's place and took photos on the roof.

Stacks played the Circle Bar again.

MAXIMVS! played the Circle Bar.

MAXIMVS! played the Circle Bar without our actual guitar player.

The Stacks played a party. It turned into a struggle.

MAXIMVS! played the Star Bar in Atlanta.

MAXIMVS! played the Cave in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Stacks played the Circle Bar and took pictures.

Stacks played the Saturn Bar, without any rehearsal.

Trey and I played some music at the regatta.

Sailed and failed at the regatta again.

I sang two songs on The Goodnight Show.

Mardi Gras 2014 costume.

We had a benefit for Lauren's dog Rose.

I went to Banks Street Bar with Barbara, Trey, and Becca.

I went to the 22nd Perdido Bay Intergalactic Sunfish Regatta.

I bought my truck, Goldie.

I went to Chattanooga for Thanksgiving.

I took pictures of a wig shop on Market Street that looked about the same when I was in high school.

Trey and I went to Riceville, Tennessee, and stopped a couple places on the way.