David Rhoden


What's happening right now?

on making a living from other peoples' difficulties

oh my (and notes on Grand Theft Auto IV)

New painting

Buddy and Otter are frenemies.


Goodbye Froggy.

I put new strings on my guitars.

I had a solo bonfire.

a Stacks show later this month, a reason to watch TV

Gina went to City Hall and sent me a picture of a map.

I saw two movies last week.

I developed a pretty good Absurdle strategy.

I tested positive for COVID.

I walked Daisy and we found an offering of rotting fruit.

I had a late summer fire. Nature decided to come in the house.

I've been walking two miles a day now for a week.

I kept up my two-mile walks for another day.

I visited Splash 'n Chill island.

Can I still call myself a painter?

Did my once-a-year poster design.

The Stacks played with Mercyland in Athens, Georgia.

The Stacks play January 25 at Holy Diver (the old Sidney's Saloon).

A few words about Dexter Romweber.

Can we do something about images in other peoples' email signatures?

I just need the exact date something changed. Is that so much to ask from a computer?

I finally got glasses.

Buddy let me see his cloudy eye.

Saw a bird I couldn't name while walking on the levee.

Went to see Sunrise:Sunset at Siberia.

AI prompts will make Gmail less useful than it is now.

A snake made itself comfortable in front of the house.

Stacks show coming up Saturday April 13.

I compiled a little booklet of my karaoke cartoons.

Notes for April 8, 2024.

Stacks played with Happy Talk at Checkpoint Charlie.

Notes for April 30, 2024.

Notes for May 9, 2024

Another karaoke sketch.

How to get a bird out of your house.

The gigs we played at Mr. Liu's China King: Notes for May 23, 2024