David Rhoden

oh my (and notes on Grand Theft Auto IV)

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Oh My sketch by David Rhoden

Oh My sketch by David Rhoden

I'm doing all right, despite the pandemic. I am okay not seeing too many people. Saving money, I guess.

Obviously not playing any shows, but how many shows was I playing before? Not many. The Stacks did finish our recordings we started (on the day before the quarantine went into effect) with Andre Marquette, which is good, because he moved to San Antonio, Texas, and now we don't have a drummer or a recording enginner either.

I'm getting better at Grand Theft Auto IV. Still can't finish the mission "Hung Out To Dry" but I've been taking a lot of cab fares, so I'm getting better at driving and changing the radio station without thinking. I think maybe I need to be using the view where the camera is outside of the car....