David Rhoden

I finally got glasses.

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I finally got glasses. I'd been wanting them for some time as I use my readers so much I often go out in the world forgetting I have them on. I wanted something that bight improve my vision in general. I got them from an online glasses store that is cheaper than Warby Parker. I think they were $105 all told. Roundish, horn rims, they look fine.

Unfortunately I can't wear them. They actually make my vision worse. They're progressives, so the prescription is not the same across the lens. The top is supposed to be for improved "distance" vision (like driving, I hoped)) and the bottom is the same kind of magnification as readers, I thought. But the top part make my vision blurrier, and the bottom part, well the bottom part -- I think it does something besides magnification. When I walk around in them I have the illusion that I'm two feet taller than I am, because my feet look so far away. The illusion is even stranger on my bicycle. When I'm sitting on the saddle I feel like I'm ten feet high, like I'm riding one of those "tall bikes".

I guess it's kid of neat, but it's not what I wanted from glasses.

Dave Rhoden got glasses