David Rhoden

The Levee

Walked on the levee with Rosa. I wonder about the date on this though.

Saw a cruise liner in my backyard. Pretty common view when the river is high.

Went with Gina up on the levee. Just silhouettes, but you can tell who it is.

Found this offering on the levee. An offering on the mississippi River levee in Holy Cross, New Orleans.

Morning fog on the Industrial Canal. Gina and Daisy and I took a walk.

Standing on the levee near the sugar plant. Showing off my pandemic facial hair and walking on the levee in Arabi.

Found a levee offering. Seen a few days after the death of George Floyd.

Our trash got picked up and we were excited about it. Gina's trash hadn't been picked up since August 25, before Hurricane Ida.

I walked Daisy and we found an offering of rotting fruit.

I've been walking two miles a day now for a week.

I kept up my two-mile walks for another day.

The first cold day of the year.