David Rhoden


We went to Picayune, Mississippi for a bonfire. We played guitars.

A warehouse caught fire while I was home for Thanksgiving. Nobody was hurt.

The Stacks played Sister Street Stage for the first time, before we named it that. It was cold and the people that were there stayed around the fire.

Gina made a little bonfire.

Had a happy bonfire at Gina's. Sorry if there are too many pictures of fires with no people on here.

We had a bonfire for Gina's birthday. We burned up a stinky knifeblock.

Bonfire. burned up a lot of yard trash.

Another bonfire in my yard.

We had a big bonfire to burn up the post-Ida fallen limbs. I wanted a big fire and I got one.

Our trash got picked up and we were excited about it. Gina's trash hadn't been picked up since August 25, before Hurricane Ida.

We had a Monday evening bonfire at my place.

I had a solo bonfire. Still getting rid of Ida debris.

A raccoon tried to crash our bonfire.

Gina built a fire. We've had so much stuff to burn.

Just another bonfire. I don't know why, I just like making a record of these.

Saw a house fire in the neighborhood, on Caffin Avenue.

We had a Christmas bonfire at Gina's.

Another bonfire at Gina's, with our little friends. Oscar (who's not quite four) threatened us with "yummy soup and yummy alcohol".

I had a late summer fire. Nature decided to come in the house.