David Rhoden


All the pictures I have of my cat Jack.

Betty came to live with me.

I sang to a cat named Tamayo.

Betty got on my shoulder.

I visited my mom and took this picture of Betty.

Sally came to live with me.

Sally got on my shoulder.

Sally got a toy.

Sally stretched on our plywood floor.

Sally got a new collar.

Sally was a good cat.

Sally sat among the roses.

Sally got her school picture taken.

Sally spent the day with me at the office.

Sally enjoyed our yard in Bushwick.

Sally showed off on Orchid Street.

Sally looked sassy on my desk.

Sally did a facepalm.

Sally on the yard table at 181 Irving Avenue.

Sally prepared for a nap on my printer.

Sally stretched in the backyard.

Sally proved to be a hard worker.

Sally wasn't too jazzed about New Year's Eve.

Sally played on a boat.

Sally relaxed.

Sally on the porch at Orchid Street.

Sally lived with me on Orchid Street.

Sally made friends with a three-legged cat neighbor.

Sally sat on a sunny desk in Austin, Texas.

Sally got in the blankets.

Sally slept in a sunbeam.

Sally scowled.

Sally yawned.

Sally got under the covers.

Sally stayed in the air conditioning.

Sally got in the weeds.

Sally kept watch at 321 Clark Street.

Sally stretched on the bed.

Sally investigated zinnias from our garden.

Sally caught up on reading.

Sally slept on the desk, as usual.

Buddy making biscuits.

The last good picture of Sally.

Buddy got in the dryer.

Buddy offered a headbutt.

Cats on a car on Douglass Street, Lower Ninth Ward.

Hot legs Buddy.

Buddy getting in a bucket.

Buddy interfered with my work.

Buddy on the backporch.

Buddy and Otter are frenemies.

Buddy on the desk.

Otter in the garden.

Buddy and I learned a hard lesson about discipline.

Buddy on the porch.

Made an exhaust fan for Buddy.

Buddy Long Legs.

Buddy posed for a picture.

Otter's been hanging out on the utility shelf.

Otter came over for a nap on my work table.

Buddy and Otter stopped fighting for a minute.

Buddy found a new place to sleep.

Otter napped on my keyboard.

We took the bachelor out, and Gina found a kitten.

Some of my art is in North Carolina.

Buddy and Otter went to the office.

Buddy napped with me.

Buddy tried to help me with my Unimog painting.

An average day for Bubba.

Our trash got picked up and we were excited about it.

I took a picture of Buddy on the bed.

Buddy turned on the lightbox.

Gina gave buddy a cardboard scratcher for Christmas.

I caught Buddy.

Buddy slept in the sunlight.

Buddy got in the bass drum.

A cat slept in my bed. It wasn't my cat.

Shadow was camouflaged on the roof of my car.

Buddy let me see his cloudy eye.

Got a picture of Buddy and Otter being friends.

Buddy and Otter watched out for me.