David Rhoden

I kept up my two-mile walks for another day.

. Day .

I kept up my recently-started practice of walking about two miles a day. Walking on the levee from my house to Gina's house is about a mile, so I walk there and back. It was really rough today, though. I was sweating terribly, and after I got home and showered I started to work, only to lie down (just for a minute) and nap for a couple of hours. Yesterday it was almost like Fall.

Anyway, I think I'm on Day 10 of doing this daily walk. I'm no thinner but I feel a little stronger. A little.

Bullet casings found on the levee September 9, 2022.

Around Reynes Street I looked down and found a handful of bullet casings. I could find some on my street too: some idiot kid emptied a clip the other night right out in front of my house. I'd rather have these juveniles or whatever kind of idiots they are shoot guns on the levee, it's safer and quieter for everybody. But, part of living here, I guess.