David Rhoden


I liked playing with my toy Texaco station. We weren't able to take it when we moved to Chattanooga.

I got promoted to the sixth grade. We all had to wear white, and then you have ginger ale with sherbet in it.

I got in a fight outside Pizza Caesar and spent the night in the hospital. Very hard to recreate the date on this event.

I worked at Taco Casa in Eastgate Mall. I got the job the day I graduated high school.

I tried to strangle my roommate while sleepwalking. Date approximate.

Went to Regas with Katie for a birthday. This was supposed to be the fancy place in Knoxville.

Everything Tool played with Abstracts at Cityside. This had to be one of my first attempts at setting type on a computer.

I checked this War Of The Worlds LP out of the Knox County Library. I used to check out lots of records from the Knox County Library in downtown Knoxville.

I saw Fugazi at the Library in Knoxville. Lotsa hillbilly white supremacists showed up.

My fanzine got reviewed. I think everybody who did a fanzine looked forward to seeing these capsule reviews in Factsheet Five.

Two of my bands were on a compilation of Knoxville bands. These were the unhip bands of 1992. We were too old!

All-Night Movers played the Pilot Light in Knoxville. A comedian opened the show.

My grandfather Percy Reeves, in about 1927 or 1928. From a picture my mom sent me.

I took a walk around downtown Chattanooga. It was a really hot Sunday, so somewhat deserted.

I took pictures of a wig shop on Market Street that looked about the same when I was in high school. Back then we wouldn't have felt comfortable taking pictures.

Trey and I went to Riceville, Tennessee, and stopped a couple places on the way. We went to Ankar's, which had barely changed since 1985.

I got a catfish plate at Uncle Larry's in Chattanooga.

Our lodgings were across the street from a neglected cemetery. I climbed through a lot of briars and such to get up there and look around.

My mom got out some old family photos. I didn't have a scanner, this was the best I could do.