David Rhoden


Bev's birthday, 1985. I guess this picture was given to me because my high school hair is on full display.

Had a pretty great birthday party. Marshal Andy sang to me about cowboy heaven.

The Hi-Balls played an acoustic gig for a party at some guy named Karl's house. We wrecked the place.

I went to a wedding at the Beverly Hills Hotel. I bought a tuxedo that summer because I had to go to several formal weddings.

Went to a party some time in the Nineties. I remember this event.

Dark Marbles' drummer got married and we never saw him again.

I had a bachelor party. I guess it was lame except that I had fun.

Ernie K-Doe sang at my wedding. He did a couple of numbers with the band.

Dirty Knives played a house party near UNO. We opened for The Bruisers and The Bullies.

All-Night Movers played at Jeff Pounds' house. Jeff made crawfish etouffée.

All-Night Movers played at Jeff Pounds' house again. It was Jeff's birthday I think.

Had a birthday dinner at La Ceiba. I really liked this slightly dumpy Honduran place.

I went to Union Pool for New Year's and met Hannibal.

Jimmy and The Wolfpack played Black Betty on Al's birthday. We had to go on late so some weak indie rock band could play. That was a bad idea on the club's part.

Jimmy and the Wolfpack played a Hallowe'en party on Grand Street. Jimmy And the Wolfpack played.

Jimmy and The Wolfpack played a house party at 276 Grand Street.

Went to Slade and Amara's wedding, and DJed the reception. The whole thing was somewhat interrupted by what you might call a flash flood.

I wore a ridiculous jazzy crawfish t-shirt to a company picnic. My colleague Alex Hemard did the excellent, Bourbon Street inspired design.

Mountain Shoutin' played one show. Really not trying.

The Stacks played Sister Street Stage for the first time, before we named it that. It was cold and the people that were there stayed around the fire.

We had a little pickin' party. For my birthday we had a campfire and a pickin party.

I went to Galatoire's for an office Christmas party. Kind of a strange place, really.