David Rhoden

Saw Musical Moose and Bend Sinister at the Knights of Columbus Hall.

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We went to see some bands at the downtown Knights of Columbus Hall. Two bands were playing, Bend Sinister and Musical Moose. Dennis Palmer, the leader of Bend Sinister, would go on to a kind of international fame as a member of improv group Shaking Ray Levis, but at the time Musical Moose had a record out and they were also the organizers, so they headlined. To us as teenagers, these groups were....kind of old, but we were excited to see anybody play a show. I had seen Bend Sinister play, at a tiny dark deli that turned out to be a front for a religious cult. That was exciting to me. I took home a flier and hung it up in my garage apartment, where insects ate the white paper, leaving the copier toner as a kind of post-modern doily.

The show was pretty fun as I recall. I was on a second or third date with a girl who became my girl friend and a car to use and she tried to guess my middle name and finally guessed "Rummplestiltskin".

Here's a video from that time of Musical Moose. I owned this 45 but lost it when I got out of college.