David Rhoden


Family, 1970.

Me, Beverly, and Matt on a bike with our dad, about 1971. I could use some help with the date. Matt's more than one year old.

We lived at 103 Asbury Drive in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Guessing a date based on the fact that I started school a little after the start of the year.

Influences: the art of Don Martin. We stuck these sound effects stickers on our dresser and our closet door.

I helped make a commercial with Mr. Sulu. The city bus company was making a commercial starring Mr. Sulu from Star Trek, and would we like to come down to the studio and watch and maybe help out?

I got kicked out of a record store. Definitely worth it though.

Saw R.E.M. at Six Flags over Georgia. I think The Judys opened.

I was in a band called Dial A Miracle. We went through so many drummers.

Buncha guys sitting on the couch. No idea what the occasion was.

The Red M&Ms recorded our five-song cassette, Unhealthy. After the recording my brother got picked up to go to summer camp.

Had a pretty great birthday party. Marshal Andy sang to me about cowboy heaven.

Published Bachelor No. 1, issue 2. This, as you may have guessed, was our second issue.

We attempted to silkscreen the Hi-Balls record sleeve. We tried making the Hi-Balls 7" with a rudimentary silkscreen apparatus. (A Speedball kit.) It didn't work out.

I flew to Los Angeles for $278 round trip. Took a night flight.

Went to a party some time in the Nineties. I remember this event.

sara took a bunch of Polaroids at a Hallowe'en party.

I had a bachelor party. I guess it was lame except that I had fun.

I attended a wedding in Williamsburg, Virginia. I remember hanging out in the hotel's game room, among other nice things.

Jimmy and the Wolfpack played a Hallowe'en party on Grand Street. Jimmy And the Wolfpack played.

I saw Superdrag at Irving Plaza in New York. I just happened on the show and my brother was there.

I went to Chattanooga for Thanksgiving. Joanne is the one taking the picture.

I dreamed I went for a walk in my tube socks. I was walking on a slushy Brooklyn Street.