David Rhoden

Me, Beverly, and Matt on a bike with our dad, about 1971.

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rhoden kids with our dad on a bike in the seventies

This was pretty fun. most of the time. I remember we were in a neighborhood called Farragut, climbing a hill, and pop wrecked with all three of us on the bike. We all cried, or course. If I recall it correctly he told us not to tell mom but I bet we did. I can't even be sure it happened. I was the oldest but we were all so little.

I like riding up front on this bike but then my dad got a bike with a motor that pushed the front tire and I feared my toes would get caught in it. It was really loud.

Eventually pop gave that bike to me. It was an orange Sears Roebuck folding bike. I wish I had more pictures of it. I remember riding it around and some kids seeing it, and yelling "ooh, look at that funny orange bike!" but pronouncing it like "oanch", which is how we described it from then on. I had it until college, where it of course got stolen, probably by someone I knew.