David Rhoden


Me, Beverly, and Matt on a bike with our dad, about 1971. I could use some help with the date. Matt's more than one year old.

I liked playing with my toy Texaco station. We weren't able to take it when we moved to Chattanooga.

Saw R.E.M. at Stokley Athletic center at the University of Tennessee. 10,000 Maniacs opened.

I tried to strangle my roommate while sleepwalking. Date approximate.

Went to Regas with Katie for a birthday. This was supposed to be the fancy place in Knoxville.

Everything Tool played with Abstracts at Cityside. This had to be one of my first attempts at setting type on a computer.

Everything Tool played with Across The Yard at China King. Across the Yard were, in fact, the jangliest.

Mercyland, Anastasia Screamed and Everything Tool played at Planet Earth, Knoxville. The year is a guess. My brother and I were in Everything Tool. Mercyland was the out-of-town band. I don't remember meeting them but we had a cassette of their album in the car and we played it a lot.

I checked this War Of The Worlds LP out of the Knox County Library. I used to check out lots of records from the Knox County Library in downtown Knoxville.

I saw Fugazi at the Library in Knoxville. Lotsa hillbilly white supremacists showed up.

My fanzine got reviewed. I think everybody who did a fanzine looked forward to seeing these capsule reviews in Factsheet Five.

Snake Oil's first practice. We came out of the basement to discover the Gulf War had started.

Snake Oil played Gryphons with Swell. Gryphon's was the laundry where we practiced.

All the pictures I have of my cat Jack. It was harder to take hundreds of cat pics then.

My college diploma, laminated. I got this in the mail from the alumni association at UT. I shoulda put a penny for scale.

Had a pretty great birthday party. Marshal Andy sang to me about cowboy heaven.

Two of my bands were on a compilation of Knoxville bands. These were the unhip bands of 1992. We were too old!

Dirty Knives played Pilot Light in Knoxville.

All-Night Movers played the Pilot Light in Knoxville. A comedian opened the show.