David Rhoden

New York

We used to go to this cabin in Callicoon, New York. It had an outhouse, very rustic, but was actually in somebody's side yard.
sara took a bunch of Polaroids at a Hallowe'en party.
I had a show of my paintings at a gallery called Maiden, Brooklyn. This whole event was amazing. I felt so crazed after Katrina but this show made me happy to be in New York.
The Stacks played at the Brooklyn Lyceum for a Katrina benefit. Not sure if we benefited from it, but it was a good time.
Jimmy and The Wolfpack played another show at 276 Grand Street (I think). I remember so little about this. We ended up getting Korean food, I think.
Watched the Super Bowl halftime starring Prince. I watched at the house of some acquaintainces I didn't know well.
I played drums with The Headless Hookers at Passout Records. It was hot. I was underdressed.
Saw the Lost Crusaders somewhere in Brooklyn.
I played drums for one show with Olaf and The Siberians. I'm not sure about the date on this.
I went for a walk in Bushwick.
We had a bit of a blizzard.
I saw the Oblivians.
Sally showed off on Orchid Street. She made herself at home, for sure.
I did a solo morning bike ride to Coney Island. My first experience wtih Texas' blue laws.
Sally proved to be a hard worker.
Sally wasn't too jazzed about New Year's Eve.