David Rhoden

181 Irving Avenue

Sally came to live with me. I knew she would be mine, there was never any doubt.

My neighbor Talisha drew me some flowers. Her little brother wrote "FUCK YOU" on my front door.

I painted a yellow man in watercolor. I need to do more watercolor.

We had a bit of a blizzard.

Sally looked sassy on my desk. We had nice light in the Irving Avenue place.

Sally on the yard table at 181 Irving Avenue. I've never had such a loyal and companionable cat.

Sally stretched in the backyard. Just a little bit before we moved to New Orleans.

I moved out of 181 Irving Avenue. I paid a guy to help me move and he stole my house key.

Sally proved to be a hard worker.

Sally wasn't too jazzed about New Year's Eve.

Technicolor Gina. Pretty typical palette.