David Rhoden


I went to a wedding at the Beverly Hills Hotel. I bought a tuxedo that summer because I had to go to several formal weddings.

Dark Marbles' drummer got married and we never saw him again.

I sang to a cat named Tamayo. We were housesitting on my first visit to New Orleans.

Ernie K-Doe sang at my wedding. He did a couple of numbers with the band.

We got the strangest wedding present. If you can't tell, it's supposed to be a pelican.

We went to Dallas for Shannon and Tom's wedding.

I attended a wedding in Williamsburg, Virginia. I remember hanging out in the hotel's game room, among other nice things.

Went to Slade and Amara's wedding, and DJed the reception. The whole thing was somewhat interrupted by what you might call a flash flood.

We took the bachelor out, and Gina found a kitten. It would be a great story if they had happened in the same place.

I went to Tom and Noy's wedding. I was sure it would storm, but it turned out really nice.