David Rhoden


We went to Dallas for Shannon and Tom's wedding.

All-Night Movers played Sound Exchange in Houston with Ka-Nives. We were fine. Ka-Nives were over the top.

All-Night Movers played Beerland in Austin with Ka-Nives. My first experience wtih Texas' blue laws.

MAXIMVS! played at Rudyard's in Houston. How big is your want-to?

MAXIMVS! went to Barton Springs in Austin. We didn't have a gig but we wanted to go anyway.

Sally sat on a sunny desk in Austin, Texas. I don't know about Sally but I was lonely in Austin. Sometimes we made the best of it, though.

Ate a lot of tacos in Texas. Most of the time I went to a food truck called Jefe's near the UT campus.

I painted a funny man.

Sally got in the blankets. This was in Austin where there wasn't enough for her to do.

Sally slept in a sunbeam. This apartment was comfortable. I hardly left it.

Check out this crazy amp I bought.

Sally got under the covers. I know this is only cute to me, but it's really cute to me.

I played some shows with a band called Speedcrawler. It was a lot of fun. Most tired I've ever gotten as a drummer.

I painted an angry woman's calm face.

I saw Tex Offenders at Carousel Lounge. The guitarist was also in my band Mountain' Shoutin'.

Sally stayed in the air conditioning. Our house really was comfortable, we stayed in it too much.

Finished this painting of an angry woman. I couldn't move it when I left Texas so I sold it for peanuts.