David Rhoden

Ate a lot of tacos in Texas.

by David Rhoden. Day .

tacos from Jefe's on a plate on a table in Texas

I really liked this particular taco trailer, and not just because it was a short walk from work.

I left a nice fountain pen on their tables one time and they managed to get it back to me.

Their food was inconsitent but in a good way: sometimes the husband would cook while the wife dealt with customers, and sometimes the other way around. Oe of them had a heavier adobo hand, can't remember which though.

Once they were gone for a week and when they came back they had a new trailer. I commented that it looked good and Jefe (as I assumed he was called) said, "Yeah, thanks. Too bad somebody stole the other one." I had no idea that was a hazard in the food trailer business.

Jefe's taco trailer in Austin



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