David Rhoden

Slade Nash

All-Night Movers played at Jeff Pounds' house. Jeff made crawfish etouffée.

All-Night Movers played at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery on Carondelet Street. It was insanely loud inside, so we took the show out to the sidewalk.

All-Night Movers played the Mermaid Hallowe'en Masked Ball as ELO. Slade got us matching Jeff Lynne wigs and shades.

All-Night Movers played the Circle Bar in Santa hats, in January. Looks like we had some festive and timely headwear.

All-Night Movers started a Southern tour. We started in Athens but we didn't actually play there.

All-Night Movers played the Pilot Light in Knoxville. A comedian opened the show.

Ka-Nives and All-Night Movers played at Cafe Cottage in Lafayette, Louisiana. This was our first time meeting the Ka-Nives. The club was a coffee shop but they paid us in beer (Killian's Red).

Slade and I flew to New York. Starting our first and only New York tour.

Slade and I flew to New Orleans on Mardi Gras. Concluding our first and only New York tour.

All-Night Movers played El Matador with The Detonations. I went walking around Decatur Street before the show.

Slade's Hog. Slade Nash is the drummer in All-Night Movers. He is like a drum machine that can mix drinks. Also an incredible mensch. Drummer jokes don't apply to him.

Went to Slade and Amara's wedding, and DJed the reception. The whole thing was somewhat interrupted by what you might call a flash flood.